My name is Jonathan, Jonathan Michael Chan, to be particular (hence the url), and I am a software developer. This site was supposed to be JMC Computer Consultanting for promoting my freelance/contract work, but since I got this full-time gig at Malwarebytes, I no longer need or want to run my own consulting business. So a quick trip to the dictionary/thesaurus and we get JMC’s Capricious Contemplations. Clever? :)

I currently work at Malwarebytes and I am loving it. It’s my first telecommute job and I think it is how software dev jobs should work in this internet age. Being 100% remote means I can work anywhere in the world that I can bring my laptop and have some power and internet. Maybe once in a while, I’ll post pictures from all the different places I visit.

I am versatile both in system administration and development. I have never administered a large IT department, but I have been the go to IT guy at the last startup I worked out. I was developing in Java at my last job and have quite an interest in mobile development, both iOS and android. I’m doing PHP at my current job. I am also very interested in software methodologies and a big proponent of the SCRUM/Agile process. Software development testing is something that interests me too, I should probably read a book on that.

This blog will cover whatever topics I am working on at the moment, hopefully saving other people time from having to learn the things I learned from scratch or scouring the internet for the information. The blog is as much for me as for everyone else because I am a very forgetful developer! I thought about just putting the information in Evernote, but I think it would be much better to give back to the community and keep the information on the net.

Feel free to visit my other blogs and sites:

http://bashusr.com – unix admin blog
http://chanfamily.org – family website/personal blog
http://okiedokers.com – my wife’s fashion/DIY blog

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